Why should you check your sperm quality even though you’re not planning to have a baby?

Why should you check your sperm quality even though you’re not planning to have a baby?

04 august, 2020

Good sperm quality test results
Sperm quality is generally talked about in connection with conceiving and parenting. It is indeed a crucial parameter in the journey of becoming parents. However, sperm quality is not only an indicator of future possibilities of making babies, it’s also a general health indicator. 

Sperm quality is closely related to what is going on in the body. Men with low sperm quality are more likely to have other health problems such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.[1]
Of course, lower sperm quality might be temporary and can also be influenced by medication taken at the time or simply just having 
influenza what can possibly also influence the sperm quality. 

It’s important to know that a sperm cell has the amazing ability to reproduce within 3 months, so the first negative result might change over a rather short period of time and it is not a reason for panic. It’s worth taking sperm quality tests at home over a period of time just as a self-check before heading to the doctor’s office.

If you’re curious about your general health and don’t have time or just don’t feel like having an appointment with your general practitioner, try to take a home sperm quality test which can indicate your health status. It’s always better to know that something might be off earlier than later. 
Sperm quality is in most cases not constant. Sperm quality changes accordingly with what we do in our lives. Have you spent a week drinking at a festival? Well, your sperm quality might be temporarily lower because alcohol is not really good for our general health. Sperm quality can really be a mirror to our lifestyle and all the external forces that influence it. That doesn’t only include our lifestyle choices of drinking, smoking or partying all night, but also chemicals in the environment influencing our bodies. 

Chemicals disrupting our bodies influences our hormones production which again influences the production of testosterone in men. The problem with chemicals is not only in huge cities with big production sites. It’s everywhere. For example, BPA is unfortunately commonly used in plastic bottles or food containers. BPA works as an endocrine disruptor, influencing the amounts of testosterone and thereby the number of sperm produced. 

A Sperm Quality Test is not only for men that are planning to conceive as soon as possible but also for men that simply would like to know what their health status is. Try to monitor your health at home with a sperm quality test over a few couples of months and if you feel concerned always visit your doctor for further investigation. 


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